In view of the current Covid-19 Situation, here are the policies in place for couples of  Yipmage Moments  with weddings between now till 31 October 2020.
1) We will allow postponement for actual day weddings affected by Covid-19 preventive measures to any dates within 1 year from the initial agreed wedding date.

2) For couples doing a split day for their wedding, Split day charge of $350 (Original $480, For Photography Service Only) will apply. 

3) For couples who are looking to postpone/split day to dates within 2021, we will only allow postponement within 1 year from the initial agreed wedding date with conditions indicated below. 

There will be 2 options for confirming postponement for 2021 dates:
     - Re-issuing of a new invoice indicating new date,
     - 2nd Postponement will follow our agreed postponement fee of $300 if required.

4) Should you be considering to reduce the total required hours, we allow a downgrade to our 6 hours Photography package at current rates at $1500 nett. 

5) If a decision is made to cancel the wedding due to Covid-19, it will be considered as a cancellation decided by the couple, and no refunds will be given. Booking fee paid will be stored as credits valid 1 year from the booked wedding date.

6) In the event that the assigned photographer is not available but our team's photographers are available, there will be no reduction in pricing. 

7) In the unfortunate outcome that your wedding is postponed to a date that any of our photographers are not available, there will be no refund of the initial payment made. The initial amount paid is a booking fee to secure the requested date for your wedding. As such, we have delivered reserving that date available for you. 

8) Any bookings that have both Pre Wedding + Actual Day bookings, should the Pre Wedding Shoot be delivered, the Pre Wedding Shoot must be paid in full. 

9) For deposits that will be forfeited, we allow this amount to be used as credits for other services such as photoshoots/family shoots valid within 1 year from the initial agreed wedding date. This credit can only be used to redeem for new services with our current rate card, and not services that have already been delivered such as delivered casual/pre wedding shoots.

10) In the unfortunate event that our team is not able to deliver the service due to quarantine/infected by Covid-19, and no replacement photographer is available, we will provide a full refund of monetary amount paid for service that is not delivered. 

11) This stated policy covers only Yipmage Moments. Should there be an engagement with multiple vendors such as videographer / make up artist, do view their individual policies.

We're trying to help all our couples as much as we can, but we do hope that you do understand our struggles too!
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